Brenda Leffel – Broker/Owner

Brenda Leffel is an established Real Estate professional with 27+ years experience specializing in personalized, professional property sales, purchasing, and management. Brenda is a full-time, full service provider.

Professional Expertise Includes:

Service Skills

• Works Directly with Appraisers and Government Representatives

▪ State & Federal Government Guidelines Savvy

• HUD Certified Service Provider

• Residential/Commercial Property Sales

• Property Buyer Representative

• Property Management (Sales/Rentals)

• Negotiates Purchase Agreement and Closing Transactions

• Writes Purchase Contracts

• Evaluates Market Pricing Conditions, Assess Auditor Records, and Assists with Financing

• Gathers, Collates & Classifies Data

• Prepares Standard/Sensitive Documents

Marketing Skills

• Consults with and Advises Clients Concerning Marketing of Property.

• Recommends Strategies and Target Markets for Property Sales.

• Advertises, Markets, and Provides Reviews for Properties.

• Public Relations Professional

Personal Skills

• Utilizes Strong Interpersonal, Analytical, and Decision-Making Skills

• Builds Strong Relationships with Property Owners and Business Contacts

• Problem Solving/Issue Resolution


• Member, Historical Society

• Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity

• Internship, House of Representatives – Columbus, OH

• President, Million Dollar Sales Club (Highest Honor in the Real Estate Profession)

• Board of Directors, X Act